Our Cake

Cakes are made to order with real, fresh ingredients. High quality butter, cocoa, organic extracts, and free range eggs will dominate your palate with their purity of flavor. Below is a full listing of our current cake offerings. All are available in both layer cakes and cupcakes.


Descriptions of Flavors

The mother of all cakes. A pale, golden yellow cake made with organic vanilla extract.

French Vanilla

Classic, elegant, white vanilla cake. Real vanilla bean is used to maintain a snow white color and deliver true flavor. Tiny specks of vanilla visible in each bite.


Unbelievably moist, the most perfect chocolate cake imaginable. A Devil’s Food recipe using Ghirardelli cocoa.


White cake, beautifully flavored with organic almond extract. A traditional wedding cake flavor, but a true joy for any occasion.


Our classic vanilla cake, spruced up with rainbow specks of color.

Red Velvet

A symphony of chocolate and vanilla, a hint of acidity, with a deep red color. A uniquely American cake flavor.


A cake with pure lemon flavor from fresh lemon zest and organic lemon oil.


Moist white cake with a soothing, tropical coconut taste.


Real strawberries are pureed and mixed into this cake, creating a vibrant pink color and delivering that comforting taste of fresh fruit.


Light and fluffy banana cake made with real banana. True cake texture with less chew than banana bread.


Traditional carrot cake, dense and delicious, prepared with raisins and walnuts.


Soft, tender pumpkin cake with a hint of spice. Bite into autumn.


A traditional blend of spices such as ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. Suitable when you want the kick, minus the carrot or pumpkin.